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What are orientation examinations?

Passing the orientation examination in Bachelor's degree study programs is an important indicator of whether you are qualified for the study program you have chosen and of whether you will complete the program successfully. The orientation examination consists of exams from the curriculum. When you register for the respective exam, you will be registered for the orientation examination automatically.

For further information, e.g. repeat examinations, see the studies and examination regulations of your study program. You find these on the SLE websites for study programs.

Study Program Structure

In this section you will find information on different study programs, for example on their structure and contents. In order to get information valid for a certain semester, please select the desired semester.

Study Programs

In this section you will find an overview of all study programs at KIT as well as information on the subject structure and the modules to be completed in the respective study program. It is the public view of the module manuals of the study programs at KIT. Access is possible without registration.

PDF files of the module manuals can be downloaded on the websites of the respective KIT departments or under the SLE website on study programs (in German).


In this section you will find an overview of all modules at KIT as well as a detailed description of every module. This includes information on the contents, qualification goals, type of examination, credit points, workload, etc.

Partial Achievements

"Partial achievements" are coursework and examinations which must be completed within a module. In this section you can find the links to the specific examinations and the recommended courses of the modules in the respective semesters.