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How can I find lectures or other events?

The quick search for events and other objects, as well as the selection field (drop-down box) for changing the active semester can be found in the top right corner of each page, just above this box. After entering at least three characters, the best hits are automatically suggested.

Would you like to find events with more specific search parameters beyond the title? To do this, you can use the extended search for events, in which you can search for specific events using various parameters, such as weekdays, rooms, lecturers, etc.

Where can I find older course catalogs?

Should the desired semester not be available in the selection box, you can find older course catalogs as PDF downloads in the archive of the course catalogs. If the desired course catalog is no longer available there, you can find it by using the search of the KIT library.


In the "Events" section you will find the course catalog. If you are registered, you can add events to your favourites list and then either add or remove individual events from your personal calendar.

Course Catalog

This is the official KIT course catalog. Here you will find the events in the current semester sorted by headings. Access to the course catalog is also possible without registration, but you will not be able to add events to your favourites list.

On the page with the table of contents you will also find the download of the PDF version of the course catalog. Please note, however, that this version will be generated upon publication and will not be updated any further. The current dates and rooms can always be found in the online version.

Audience Circles

Audience circles are hierarchically structured groups of similar events, which are usually attended by a certain group of students in the same semester, e.g. all events for a certain degree program in a subject semester. Events within an audience circle can be marked as compulsory or optional.

Extended Search for Events

Using the extended search, you can use various search parameters to find events that are suitable for you. The search can be carried out using various properties of an event.

Booking of Events

Here you can find your bookings for events and the current attendance status. For an overview of the registered and deregistered exams, go to Examinations.

Favorites and Appointment List

In this section you will find your favourite list of events and exams for the semester you have selected, which you have added from the university calendar, as well as a list of all appointments. You can remove events and exams from your favorites list or add or remove individual appointments from events and exams to your timetable.

Timetable and Calendar

If you have added an event to your favorites list, the dates of the event appear in your timetable. If required, you can also remove individual appointments from your timetable. The timetable for the entire semester as well as a daily, weekly and monthly view are available.

Internet Calendar (WebCal)

You can also subscribe to your current appointments from the calendar as an Internet calendar via your calendar program (Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar, Mozilla Sunbird, etc.) or your mobile device. You can generate a personal address (URL) and add it to your calendar program.