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What is Re-Registration?

In order to continue your studies at KIT, you need to re-register for the following semester. During re-registration, the semester fees must be paid. Payment and re-registration must be made on time:

For the summer semester:
January 15 - February 15

For the winter semester:
July 1 - August 15

If you choose the direct debit procedure, the re-registration takes place online and you are immediately re-registered. Alternatively, you can also transfer the amount due. Should you fail to pay despite a reminder and expiry of the deadline or should you fail to meet the examination requirements for re-registration, you will be exmatriculated ex officio.

The Service Desk of the SCC cannot provide any information regarding a non-executed online re-registration. Please always contact the Student Service in this matter.

Further information on re-registration


You can pay the semester fees and then re-register in the "re-registration" section. The re-registration is necessary every semester if you want to continue studying at the KIT.

Payment and Re-Registration

If there are no reasons not to re-register (e.g. missing documents or evidence), you can re-register online. If you have granted us a SEPA mandate, you are immediately re-registered and can download and print out all certificates as PDF files.

If you do not wish to use the direct debit procedure, you can also transfer the amount. In this case, the re-registration only becomes active when the fees are received by the Student Service. Until then, you will not be considered as re-registered and you will not be able to issue certificates for the relevant semester. Information on bank details and the purpose for which your payment is to be used can be found here.

Please note that the KIT levies late fees of 15 euros for late re-registration according to §2 of the statutes on the levying of fees for guest students and other study-related services.

Mandate Management

Here you can create a SEPA mandate or view a mandate that has already been created. The SEPA Mandate is comparable to the previous direct debit authorization. This online mandate is only valid for this one fee payment process. Further direct debits will not be collected via this mandate. If you have not yet issued a mandate, you will be asked to do so in the course of the "Payment and Re-Registration" process.

A SEPA mandate that has already been created can no longer be withdrawn online for the current re-registration period. If you have entered an incorrect IBAN or do not wish to use the direct debit procedure after all, please contact the Student Service.

Please note that you must in any case carry out the actual re-registration process under "Payment and Re-Registration" after the mandate has been issued. The mandate alone is not sufficient for a successful re-registration.

Re-Registration Ban

You can check here if there are certain reasons or obstacles that will prevent you from successfully re-registering for future semesters.

Fees Account

Here you will find a list of the fees that you have paid or still have to pay for the current and previous semesters.