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How can I manage my other degree programs?

If you are or have been enrolled at KIT in more than one degree program, a drop-down box for changing the current degree program will appear in the top right-hand corner of the portal next to the semester selection. The drop-down box contains the identifier (e.g. "82-079-H-2015") and the label (e.g. "Bachelor 2015 Computer Science") of your current and past degree programs.

Use this drop-down box to select the desired degree program for examination registration and for the creation of specific certificates. You can also select the degree program in which you no longer actively study. These are displayed in gray and italics.

The identification of the degree program in which you were last enrolled appears at the top and is selected by default. You can also find out the exact name of the degree programme by briefly pointing your mouse at the drop-down box without clicking on it.


In the "Exams" section you can register for examinations and view your examination registrations. Only the Student Service can provide you with binding information on how to register for and deregister from examinations.

Using your study schedule, you can see in which system (HIS-POS or CAS Campus) you are administered. You will find the information at the top of the page if you click on the button for examination registration and deregistration:

Please also note the notices of the institutes regarding your exams.

Examination Registration and Unregistration

Here you can use the structure tree of your degree program to register to examinations and, if necessary, also unregister.

In order not to endanger your examination procedures, please register for examinations as early as possible so that you have enough time to correct any errors that may occur. In the "Further information" section of the specific examination event, you can find out how to proceed if there are any problems registering for this examination. If you do not find any information here, please contact the examiner responsible directly. Depending on the type of problem, there are different recommendations for action and alternative scenarios which can then take effect.

Information about Registered Examinations

Here you can find information on the checks for which you have successfully registered.

Information about Unregistered Examinations

Here are examinations listed, from which you have unregistered.