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Welcome to the Study Portal at KIT


The Campus Management Portal offers KIT students various self-service services in the field of student administration. These include:

  • the search for events with creating a personal timetable,
  • the registration and deregistration for examinations,
  • the study program structure and content for particular study programs as well as their modules and partial achievments,
  • the re-registration into the following semester via bank transfer or direct debit,
  • the download of certificates (e.g. certificate of enrollment, KVV certificate, excerpt of grades),
  • the modification of personal information.

Further information on the use of the student portal as well as frequently asked questions and the respective contact person can be found in the FAQ.

Photo: KIT, Gabi Zachmann


Eure Meinung zählt!


Aktuell läuft die Befragung zur Studien- und Prüfungsorganisation am KIT. Mit eurer Teilnahme an der Befragung könnt ihr die Weiterentwicklung der Studiengänge beeinflussen und dem KIT direktes Feedback geben. Informationen sowie den Link zur Teilnahme sind allen Studierenden, die im Wintersemester 21/22 nicht zur Immatrikulationsbefragung eingeladen wurden, per Mail an Ihre @student.kit.edu Adresse zugegangen.

Course Catalog for Summer Semester 2022 available

The course catalog for the summer semester 2022 is available. Starting this semester, the original lecture times (8:00, 9:45, 11:30, 14:00, 15:45, 17:30) will be in effect again.

Information on whether an event takes place in on campus, online or in a hybrid format can be found in the course catalog at the event in the field "Event form". For further information on the exact procedure of an course please refer to the description or the corresponding ILIAS course.

Re-registration for Summer Semester 2022

Re-registraton for the summer semester 2020 is possible from 01/15 to 02/15/2022 in the portal at the section Re-registration. You can either pay your fees by SEPA direct debit or alternativley by bank transfer (also via QR code with your banking app).

If you fail to pay the fees completely, you will be exmatriculated.

Results of the survey on studies and the pandemic

In order to capture the experiences of the KIT student body during the Corona Pandemic, the survey on studying under pandemic conditions was conducted in August 2021. KIT and the participating units sincerely thank you for your participation and make the summarized results available online.

Results (PDF)

High Vaccination Rate among KIT Students

92.3 percent of KIT students who participated in the current survey have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus or have recovered from a COVID-19 infection in the last six months. Another 1.2 percent have received their first vaccination. In addition, 15.9 percent of the previously unvaccinated intend to take advantage of a vaccination offer.

Full report (german)

Self-assignment of extra-curricular Qualifications


For the degree programs managed in CAS Campus, the extra-curricular qualifications earned at the HOC, ZAK and Language Centre are booked directly in your credit account. From now on, the assignment of generic qualifications is possible for most degree programs via self-assignment by you as a student. You will find the option of self-assignment in your study plan under the tab "ÜQ/SQ-Leistung". If self-assignment is not possible, please contact the relevant KIT department.

For the study programs in HIS, please use this application form to inform the Student Service which curricular assignment of the collected achievements you want. Please refrain from applying for the assignment of each individual achievement.

Notification of changes in the score sheet

From now on you can activate notifications for various events in the "Personal data" area. If there is a suitable change in your score, you will automatically receive an e-mail.

Module selection for final thesis for teaching degree

For teaching degree programs (Bachelor/Master of Education), the module selection for the final thesis has been changed. Please refer to the following instructions if you would like to select and register the final thesis in your desired subject:

Instructions (PDF)

Online Exam under Video Supervision

When taking an online exam under video supervision, the exam is conducted via the KIT learning management system ILIAS and the video supervision via a video conference with ZOOM.

Please note the following procedural instructions and data protection information.

First steps in ILIAS for students

How do I register? Where can I find my courses? How can I communicate about ILIAS?

In the online course "The first steps with KIT-ILIAS" students receive answers to the most important questions about getting started with ILIAS.

Videotutorials: "Prüfungsanmeldung in CAMPUS"


Für Studierende, deren Studiengänge in CAMPUS verwaltet werden, bieten wir eine Unterstützung bei Problemen zur Prüfungsanmeldung in verschiedenen Videotutorials an.

Videotutorials "Prüfungsanmeldung in CAMPUS"

Für ERASMUS Studierende bieten wir gesonderte Videotutorials, die bei der Prüfungsanmeldung unterstützen sollen.

Videotutorials "Prüfungsanmeldung für ERASMUS Studierende"

Probleme? Wenden Sie sich bitte direkt an Ihren Prüfer oder Ihren Ansprechpartner beim Studierendenservice.