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Examinations under video supervision

General information about the procedure of an exam under video supervision

Two types of exams under video supervision can be conducted at KIT, the so-called "upload exam under video supervision" and the "online exam under video supervision". The differences lie in the way the exam questions are processed:

  • In the case of an "upload exam under video supervision", only the download of the exam questions and the final upload of the edited exam is carried out via ILIAS, the editing itself is usually done by hand outside ILIAS.
  • In the case of an "online exam under video supervision", the exam questions are set online directly via ILIAS and also answered there.

Detailed information on the respective scenario can be found in the leaflets linked below.

In both cases, the exam is conducted using the KIT learning management system ILIAS and the video supervision via a video conference with ZOOM. Registration for the exam is done via CAS Campus (or HIS-POS). The proctoring is done exclusively by KIT personnel in real time, i.e. there is no recording of the video screen or the monitor.

In any case, please take part in the trial exam offered in order to familiarize yourself with the procedures of an exam under video supervision. We also recommend that you take part if you are planning to switch to the presence alternative offered (see below). In this way, you will learn about the challenges of a video-supervised exam and gain a good basis for deciding which format is best for you.

The implementations provided by KIT comply with §§ 32 a, 32 b of the LHG. In the essential points, they observe the recommendations of the State Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (LfDI) on data protection. For the two scenarios of written examinations under video supervision, a procedure for establishing identity by "depositing a digital copy of the student ID" is provided, which KIT considers to be compatible with § 32 a of the LHG. If you do not want to deposit the digital copy of the student ID, you can still establish your identity by showing an official identification document as recommended by the LfDI.

Voluntariness and opting out

Video proctored exams are voluntary. Voluntariness is specifically ensured by offering an on-site exam as an alternative, to the extent that such an exam is legally permissible under the specific regulations of the Corona pandemic.

Up to one week before the exam date of the video proctored exam, you may opt out of the video proctored exam and register for the face-to-face alternative. After that, it is no longer possible to switch to the face-to-face alternative. It is also possible to withdraw from the video proctored examination after this time; the regulations of the study and examination regulations apply here (up to 24 h of the previous day in the student portal, up to the start of the examination with the examiner). Likewise, the regulations in the study and examination regulations apply to withdrawal after the start of the examination.


Data Protection Information Video Supervision in German (PDF)

Information sheet upload exam under video supervision in German (PDF)

Information sheet online exam under video supervision in German (PDF)